missionary partners

“Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature.”
Mark 16:15
*We also partner with other missionaries that are not listed below, but due to the nature of their work and the hostility of the places that they serve we do not post their names on a public forum for the furtherance of the Gospel, for their safety and the safety of their family.

Matt Allen

Teddy Angel

Jonathan Anderson

Aaron Bashore

Phillip Bassham

Todd Bell

Robert Bixby

Leslie Bourdess

Jeff Bush

Scott Caudill

Jim Civale

Mark Coffey

Wayne Cook

Crossroads Rescue Mission

James Daley

John Edwards

David Epps

Ed Frampton

David Gardner

Wes Gazaway

John Gratsy

Jeremy Hall

Jason Hamby

Justin Hayes

Dwayne Harrison

Patrick Henry

Bill Hensley

Will Hill

Jason Holt

Don Hughes

Phil Hyland

Richard Johnson

Jason Kenny

Jeremy Kenney

Fred Kindhart

Bobby Kline

Max Lanz

Ben Manley

Jonathan Marks

Damon Matacchiera

Brian McClain

Todd McKeehan

Evertie Moore

Ronald Naugle

Scott Newton

Mike Overton

Sam Quinn

Bill Richburg

Jim Roberts IV

Jim Roberts III

Russian Bible Society

Keith Shumaker

John Smith

Robert Smith

Wade Smith

Dennis Snelson

Daniel Sparks

Russ Stanford

Steve Stone

Kyle Sutton

Tabernacle Children’s Home

Paul Taube

Tommy Tillman

Jonathan Vanderhurk

Chris Waye

Kevin White

Adam Wood

WTBI Radio

Brendon Wung